Video Production

Frank Capra the man responsible for directing Its a wonderful life once said "There are no rules in film making. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness." Sid offers a video production service which records the unique character and tells the story of your product or event, Sid has an aversion to dullness and attempts to avoid this wherever possible.

Sid's high quality,high definition,web ready promotional videos are ideal for YouTube and other video sharing sites which now account for the majority of the traffic on the worlds search engines.

Sid uses a combination of presenters, graphics and animations to best portray your product or event.

Previous clients include.

Savour The Flavours

Sid and a partner company won the commission to create a number of promotional films to record the highlights of a multi venue and multi location event called “Flavour Fortnight”Captured themes included food production ,dining experiences and farmers markets. The videos produced by Sid and his partner company have since been shown at the Royal Highland Show and have been used to represent Scotland at an international food fair in Germany.

Watch With Willow

Sid had a remit to produce a film which promoted both the Willowman festival and the Yorkshire countryside. Created in one day on a tiny budget it demonstrated an ability to think out of the box and deliver a quality promotional video with little or no resources.

Wigtown Community Market

Many of our smaller clients like Wigtown Community Market do not provide detailed briefs and only have the vaguest notion of what they are trying to achieve. An important part of the service offered by Sid involves working with clients to tease out key messages they want to convey

Viking Volksfest

The client wanted a promotional video which come across as both family friendly and rock and roll,Sid was able to offer on the spot training to a enthusiastic but inexperienced presenter and deliver a video aimed at families who enjoyed the more off the wall weekend break.

NHS Dumfries And Galloway

Sid is also currently working with the NHS to engage with a range of carers and record issues which affect them in their daily lives. A number of thematic films are required to help educate NHS staff and partner agencies on carer issues.

If you would like to commission a film featuring your event or product, Sid can offer you an integrated service from storyboarding,image capture through to final branded DVD production. As with other services offered by Sid feel free to make contact for an informal no obligation chat.

"Sid climbed buildings, grabbed props, hiked up hills and did whatever it took to produce a fun little film to showcase our market. "
Norman Heron: Director Wigtown Community Market

Rigging and mast of tall ship theatre set, pageant production of life, love and liberty in Dumfries

"Not only did sid pick the ideal soundtrack and provide cool animations for my promo video,he found and trained a new presenter in a day l would reccomend sid to anybody looking for a shory quircky film to promote their product. "
S.Williams Organiser: .Viking Volksfest

Reflection of festival crowd in girls sunglasses