PR and Promotions Scotland

In the cult classic movie “Cool Hand Luke” A sadistic prison guard famously said “What we have here is a failure to communicate” before ensuring the untimely demise of the films anti hero Paul Newman. “A failure to communicate” can also have negative consequences for both fledgling and established events and products.

Events and products need to have strategies in place to convey key messages, news and unique selling points to their market sector.

For the uninitiated entering into dialogue with a Public Relations professional can seem much like entering the tower of Babel. Cue sheets,blog storms,embargoes,sound bites and press packs are just some of the industry Jargon, but what does it all meant to organisers and producers.

In a nutshell Sid is able to convey the messages you want,to the people who need to hear them. Sid has orchestrated a number of public relations campaigns for clients in Scotland wishing to reach a wider audience.

Sid's public relations armoury includes

Creative Writing Skills.

Experience in setting up backstage or mobile press offices.

Organising pit protocol at major events.

Artists liaison.

Creating proactive PR

Distributing press releases

Handling reactive PR

Developing mailing lists

Devising creative and unique promotions

Managing PR budgets

Negotiating advertising rates

Product Branding.

If you feel that your product or organisation would benefit from the creative flair and PR experience offered by Sid then feel free to make contact for an informal no obligations chat.

"Over a period of six months, Sid Ambrose has proved to be a most effective coordinator and director of the first Burns Pageant in Dumfries..

Theatre set of tall ship

.. Faced with a great number of challenges as the project was developed from scratch, he coped magnificently with tight budgets, with reporting effectively to the Working Group and the Festival Board, liaising with actors and producers, and creating stable partnerships with the relevant local societies and groups who played their part in the event. He brought with him a very useful network of colleagues who had experience in the events field. His understanding of the official requirements relating to crowd control, safety, etc were helpful in ensuring that the event was played out safely. I have no hesitation in recommending Sid as an excellent administrator of public entertainment events. "
Dame Barbara Kelly, Hon Patron D and G Arts Festival and Funding Coordinator for ‘Life, Love and Liberty’