Event Management Dumfries and Galloway Scotland

Kevin Costner once said “Build it and they shall come”. However out with the realms of Hollywood staging events to attract audiences requires an equal parts mix of originality, enthusiasm, organisation and knowledge of legislation.

The novice event organiser can often be overwhelmed when faced with the complexity of staging something for the first time. Others find that as their event grows the number of tasks seems to be symbiotically connected and increase at the same rate.

The following areas require at least a working knowledge to create a safe environment for guests and paying customers. First aid provision, Security deployment, police liaison, fire regulations, risk assessments, traffic management, perimeter fencing, crowd dynamics, staging requirements, pit protocols, communications systems, ingress and egress points, licensing regulations, pa and lighting.

Sid has been immersed in events and event management for over 25 years. He first cut his organisational teeth back in the late eighties, organising rock nights when poodle perms, tight jeans and leather jackets reigned supreme. Punk gigs, raves, scooter rallies, custom motorcycle shows, festivals and theatre productions all form a diverse back catalogue from which has learned the craft of event management.

High profile events associated with Sid are The Wickerman Festival, Life Love And Liberty, Eden Festival, The Willowman Festival and Dumfries And Galloway Arts Festival.

If you are planning to stage an event for the first time, or are looking to grow your existing event why not contact Sid and see how our companies could work together.

Rigging and mast of tall ship theatre set, pageant production of life, love and liberty in Dumfries