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Sid is a company which has had a 25 year long soak in the world of music, events, media, fashion, film and all things cool. Company director Sid Ambrose tore up the events rulebook when he founded the internationally recognised Wickerman Festival. Much loved by fans and musicians alike Wickerman is now one of the wing daddies on the outdoor music circuit. Never one for resting on Laurels Sid is now deeply involved in both Eden festival and The Willowman. Eden is at the rapier tip of music and fashion. It enjoys the patronage of the more discerning students who make the annual pilgrimage to Raehills meadow in South West Scotland. Willowman set in the heart of Yorkshire is a traditional party weekend with an old school cool and radiates a decidedly chilled Vibe.

Custom motorcycle shows, scooter rallies, old school raves, rock nights, food festivals and farmers markets have all benefited from the quirky approach and determination to excel which is synonymous with Sid and his quarter century love affair with production, promotions, creative thinking, problem solving, networking and connecting with people.

Justified and Ancient

Since moving on from the Wickerman festival Sid has enjoyed an exceptionally busy and varied workload. Savour the flavours contracted Sid and associate company DG-HD to produce a series of promotional videos to showcase their work in the food and drinks industry. The production involved capturing images at a number of events throughout Dumfries and Galloway. The promotional videos are now used to showcase the work of Savour the Flavours which has been recognised throughout Scotland as an industry leader. True to form Sid adopted an innovative approach to this production and was able to utilise helicopters and motorbikes to capture exciting footage.

In the summer of 2012 Sid was engaged by Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival to work with the celebrated Scottish actor John Cairney. Their task was to produce an ambitious multi staged promenade theatre performance based on the life of Robert Burns. Titled Love Life and Liberty the performances featured a 30 strong cast of both equity registered and amateur actors. Drawing people from all over Scotland the production has been praised by the World Burns federation and is set to return to Dumfries in 2014.

Current Clients

Sid is currently working with a number of clients in Scotland and further afield these include Eden Festival, Willowman Festival, Stranraer Music Town, South Ayrshire Council, Wigtown Community Market, Viking Volksfest and Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival.

Eden Festival

A truly bizarre celebration of arts and music parcelled up in Scotland’s coolest boutique festival. Sid provides a public relations service for eden which takes place on the beautiful Raehills Meadows near Moffat

Willowman Festival

An old school style music festival in the heart of Yorkshire Sid provides a public relations service and assists with band selection at this event which attracts a loyal audience from all parts of the UK.

Stranraer music town

Sid will be producing a promotional video in the summer of 2013 for this fledgling organisation who are all about the encouragement of live music in Stranraer and surrounding area.

South Ayrshire Council

The council own a number of exciting and diverse venues which are suitable for live entertainment. Sid is presently working alongside this local authority to source suitable acts for their venues.

Wigtown Community Market

Nestled between the Galloway hills and Luce bay, Scotland’s national book town has a charming community market which operates during the Summer months. Sid and his associate company DG-HD have produced a promotional video for them and Sid will be handling their public relations in the new season.

Viking Volksfest

What could be cooler than a Volkswagen themed music festival taking place alongside drag racing and monster truck mayhem? What indeed, Sid travelled to York to capture the event on film and produce a promo video.

Dumfries And Galloway Arts Festival

The arts festival has created a programme of exciting and unique summer events for over 35 years, Sid has recently been invited to join the programming committee and is looking forward to contributing to the 2013 arts programme.


Sid brings a blend of original thinking, organisational skills, wide industry contacts and decades of experience to each project. A popular saying goes “seen it, done it, bought the t shirt”. In the case of Sid this reads “seen it done it, designed promoted and sold the t shirt”. Sid believes each client whether it be well-established businesses or fledgling community endeavours deserve 100% commitment to produce or promote their product. If you are looking to develop your brand, produce an event or want moving images captured Contact Sid for a no obligation relaxed initial enquiry.

Hazy Cool photo looking at man playing guitar from back of stage

"Having Sid on board has helped the festival no end, he's a great spokesperson and made some fantastic connections for us in the event world" Meredith Langley Vine
Production Manager Eden Festival.

Reflection of festival crowd in girls sunglasses

"Sid worked with ITV to create a marketing campaign for the Wickerman Festival. This campaign involved Border television Granada and Tyne Tees. Sid secured funding for the campaign oversaw production and provided footage and soundtracks.

All in all Sid's work and though process went far beyond traditional spot advertising and in my opinion generated additional value for the event both from the competition and news coverage as well as securing favourable terms for the TV campaign itself."

Peter Fergusson, Business Manager ITV

Rigging and mast of tall ship theatre set, pageant production of life, love and liberty in Dumfries

"Sid and his industry contacts gave my festival the equivalent of a makeover, new website new branding and a greater understanding of how to engage with the press and get them onboard. Sid is a natural “Press Whisperer” if ever l met one.
Steve Williams Director Willowman Festival Viking volksfest.

Festival Stage and inflateable fire